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Quality art products with a proud heritage dating back to 1832.



Derwent’s coloured pencil ranges are great for adding colour to your artwork. With 7 different pencil formulas available, including the new 100% Lightfast range, there is certainly something on offer for any artist. Below are also Derwent’s selection of graphite products that are suitable for drawing and sketching.



Derwent Inktense blocks can be used dry or add water to create deep, intense colour washes. Due to its permanence once dried, Inktense doesn't wash away like watercolour so it can be worked over without affecting previous layers. 



Derwent's range of permanent fine liners and watersoluble paint pens suits all needs: from calligraphy, urban sketching, to expressive drawings and paintings. Featuring the finest quality Japanese nibs, you'll love the flow of the fineliners and the opacity of the paint pens.



Derwent paint pan sets are available in four formulations: Metallic, Inktense, Graphitint and (new) Pastel.  

Metallic paint gives a shimmer and shine with an opaque metallic finish. Inktense, unlike traditional watercolour, can be layered almost like a gouache and is permanent once dried.  Graphitint paint is a blend of graphite with colour to create subtle muted tones



To make sure that our art materials perform at their best, we have developed a range of paper, sketchbooks and journals for artists' needs.

Our latest additions: hot-pressed Lightfast and cold-pressed Inktense paper, handmade in the UK, maximise the unique qualities of Derwent's Lightfast Pencils and Inktense Collection.



A wide variety of products suitable for use with any of our Derwent products to bring out the best in your artwork. We have erasers, sharpeners, drawing aids, storage wraps and brushes. Check out our new specialist erasers and push-button waterbrushes.

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